The aim of the Melik Society is to advance public awareness of Anglo-Sudanese history in the period 1883-1956 through the restoration and preservation of the river gunboat Melik and the paddle steamer Bordein.

The Society is a registered charity formed in 1994 by a group of individuals with a common interest in the history of the Sudan and her relationship with the United Kingdom.

Nile Gunboats

Ships of the gunboat flotilla were crucial to the success of the campaigns and mainly commanded by officers of the Royal Navy.

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Nile Steamers

The Paddle steamers were converted by General Gordon into very effective gunboats, protected by ‘armour’ of upright wooden baulks.

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Soldiers of the Nile

Notable Soldiers of the Nile include Major General Charles Gordon and Field Marshal The Earl Kitchener Of Khartoum.

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Sailors of the Nile

The Gunboats and Steamers had an unusual mix of crews, each commanded by a British Officer, loaned from the Royal Navy or the Royal Engineers.

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