The purpose of the Melik Society is to advance public awareness of British and Sudanese history, and to establish a permanent memorial to those brave men on both sides who fought in the campaigns 1883–1899.

Immediate objectives

  • To assist in the restoration and maintenance of the gunboats Melik and Bordein so that they can be exhibited to the general public.
  • To stimulate public interest in Anglo-Sudanese history by research and publishing information.
  • To establish in the UK a database of Sudanese military history.
  • To encourage goodwill and cooperation between the British and Sudanese organisations involved in the preservation of Sudan’s historical artifacts.

Become a Friend of the Melik

Your annual subscription as a Friend of the Melik directly helps the Melik Society achieve its aims, including the restoration of the Melik and the Bordein, the promotion of interest in Anglo-Sudanese history, and the publication of The Gunboat, and regular bulletins.

For details, please visit the Become A Friend page.